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Fellowship IRICA 2021


 ellowships IRICA - 2021

The Instituto Regional de Investigación Científica Aplicada (IRICA) has established a system of grants for students attached to the Institute's collaboration groups. These grants, called Collaboration Grants, are intended to facilitate the incorporation of students into the Institute's research groups. It is intended that the beneficiaries of these grants, as direct users of IRICA services, have a better knowledge of the research being carried out at IRICA and of the Instrumentation methods available at the Institute. In this way, in addition to improving their knowledge, the cross-cutting skills that any university student should have at the end of their studies are also enhanced, such as:
  • Improvement of the ability to organize, plan and execute tasks.
  • Promotion of teamwork.
  • Development of interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Ability to function in multidisciplinary contexts.
  • Improvement of the ability to responsibly approach decision making in laboratory work.
  • Encouragement of continuous learning.
  • Improvement of oral and written communication.

For more information about the call, click here.
Publication in the DOCM of 09/04/2021. Extract of the publication.


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