he University of  Castilla-La Mancha has  been committed to teaching Chinese for several years in order to train university students in a language of great importance in international relations. 
In addition to  the Chinese language and culture which is taught on all campuses, the Confucius Insitute has been set up, a great initiative which arose from the good relationship enjoyed between the UCLM and the university of Nanchang- 
The Confucius Institute is responsible for promoting the spread of Chinese language and culture, by means of new language courses, as well as holding  cultural activities, seminars, student exchange programmes, etc. It is the first site of the Confucius Institute in the region, which emphasizes the strong commitment our university has to training and education in Castilla-La Mancha as well as the boost to the regional economy due to knowledge and the possibility of strengthening ties  with this Asian country.


Instituto Confucio de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
C/ Cardenal Lorenzana, 1, 45071-Toledo

Website: https://blog.uclm.es/confucio

Phone: 926295300 / Ext.: 90505