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Psychology Attention Service provides services in the areas detailed below. Specific areas are intended only as examples of the kind of demand that can be observed frequently, but not intended to be exclusive list of possible applications.
This is a first port of call should aim to conduct, in a limited number of sessions, an initial assessment of the problem of query to guide, direct, manage or arbitrate possible solutions.
The people who come will be interviewed and evaluated to know the type of problem they present, and assess whether their demand can be addressed from the psychology service or they should be referred to other professionals or to other services of the university itself. Some of the issues that could be addressed are detailed below:

Personal Problems

  • Adapting to a new environment (city, companions, college ...).
  • Relations with the environment (family, friends, partner).
  • Focus and analysis of problems 
  • Problems with food and sleep.
  • Isolation / loneliness.
  • Knowledge and Self Acceptance.
  • Intervention for growth and personal development.

Problems specifically academic nature

  • Problems with concentration.
  • Blockages before the exams.
  • Dissatisfaction with the chosen studies.
  • Academic difficulties: oral presentations, teamwork ...
  • Reading, writing and calculation problems.
  • Habits and study strategies.
Intervention programs and group workshops will also be carried out in the form of preventive programs, in which people who have some type of demand and who can extend the particular orientation received will be able to attend. In these workshops or group intervention programs may participate professionals from various areas, external to SAP and are specialists in the different topics to be discussed.

Specific academic / work

  • Habits and study techniques
  • Control before the exams
  • Preparation for test type
  • Organization and efficient time management
  • Maximize study effectiveness
  • Control of fear of public speaking
  • Oral exposure techniques
  • Guidelines to improve self-esteem
  • Learn to work in a group

Preventive program

  • Coping with stress
  • Training in social skills
  • Effective communication techniques
  • Workshops on vocation and choice of studies
  • Sexuality education: contraceptive methods, transmission of diseases through sexual contact, relationship problems, sexual orientation ...
  • Prevention of eating disorders and sleep.
  • Prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking and others.