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The degree of Graduate in Pharmacy was approved in the Governing Council of the University of Castilla la Mancha (UCLM) on April 7, 2008, and began its journey in September 2010, at the same time that it is established in all university degrees the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). In this academic year, in the facilities located in the Polyvalent Classroom of the Albacete campus a new chapter in the history of the degree begins, in which new students arrive who occupy the place left by the graduates in Pharmacy who have completed here the title. Throughout these years of activity the center has been consolidated and has a young faculty that is strongly committed to educational innovation and research in branches related to Health Sciences. We have fully equipped classrooms and seminaries where theoretical classes and workshops are taught; multidisciplinary laboratories where practical classes are taught in small groups, offices of professors and administration and services staff, meeting room, study and computer room and research laboratories.


The graduate degree in Pharmacy trains students to carry out activities aimed at the production and conservation of medicines, collaboration in analytical processes, functions in the areas of care, research, teaching, clinical management, prevention and information and education sanitary In addition, our degree aims to stimulate those students with a clear vocation towards bio-sanitary research by promoting extra-curricular programs in different laboratories of the Albacete campus since the beginning of their training in faculties and research centers of the environment such as the Regional Center for Biomedical Research ( CRIB), the Botanical Institute, the Scientific and Technological Park, etc.


The results obtained at the moment would not be possible if we had not had the support of the university departments and the different government bodies and of course with the effort, enthusiasm and collaboration of our students, who help us teach how to learn every day.



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