Presentation of the Department of Applied Economics


Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences


The history of our Department begins with the split of the original Department of Economics and Business, created in the early years of implementation and development of the UCLM.

Since its foundation in January 2006, the areas of Political Economy and Public Finance, Economic and Business Statistics and Economic Policy have joined forces with the common commitment to improve our position in teaching and research.

The professors that make up this Department are attached to the area of knowledge of Applied Economics, slightly more than half of them as Tenured and one fifth as University Professors. We have, therefore, a faculty with great training and experience that contributes significantly to the overall progress of the UCLM.

The teaching activity of its members is developed in the five campuses of our University, in several undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as in many of our own degrees. Our teaching presence is significant in the field of Economics and Business Studies, but we also undertake teaching tasks in other areas such as Law, International Studies or Tourism.

A comparable variety and breadth is also observed in the research activity, having as a common core the economic analysis of public sector activity from different aspects. The presence of our faculty in research projects and transfer activities is remarkable and growing...


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