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Faculty of Nursing of Albacete



The University is an institution to which the State entrusts the mission of providing higher education education and training people to practice the profession. It is the institution prepared to take on the challenge of scientific and technical development.


The University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) is the institution responsible for the public service of higher education within the scope of our Autonomous Community. It was created by Law 27/1982 of June 30, beginning its journey in 1985, after the publication of Royal Decrees 17/1985, of April 2, and 1,855/1985, of October 9. The Faculty of Nursing of Albacete is a Center of the University of Castilla-La Mancha in charge of the administrative management and organization of the teachings leading to obtaining the Graduate Degree in Nursing.


The basic objective of the Nursing degree is to train professionals capable of:

  • Provide care in an environment that promotes respect for human rights, values, customs and beliefs of the person, family and community.
  • Competencies associated with nursing practice and clinical decision making.
  • Ability to make clinical judgments and decisions about the person, subject and object of care, which must be based on comprehensive assessments, as well as scientific evidence.
  • Ability to carry out nursing interventions linked to health promotion, health education, etc.

Location of the faculty

Directory of the Faculty of Nursing

Benjamín Palencia Building

University Campus s/n - 02071 - Albacete

Telephone 967 599 370 

Horario de atención al público:

  • De 9,00 a 14,00 horas de lunes a viernes
  • De 16,00 a 18,00 martes y miércoles

Complaints and Suggestions Box:

The Faculty of Nursing of Albacete is located in the Benjamín Palencia multipurpose classroom, which is shared with the Faculty of Humanities.

The Benjamín Palencia Building is located on the University Campus of Albacete: the main access is at Paseo de los Estudiantes

Front façade of the Benjamín Palencia Building  Rear façade of the Benjamín Palencia Building

Más Noticias

Image of the final diploma delivery

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Image of the final diploma delivery


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