Title of Academics homepage explained

This text is the "entradilla" - it is displayed below the title

Title above the main text

This is the text that is usually used to present the website.

In addition to the descriptive text with this presentation, the Physical Location of the centre is sometimes added, if deemed appropriate.

This location can be placed here or on a subpage of this website, as preferred by the editor of the page.

An html code with the corresponding google map can also be added to the location. In the html tab you would copy and paste the iframe provided by google.

Note: To get this code, in google maps you should search for the location with the search bar. Then using the "Share" icon you should select the "Insert map" tab where you get the html code to copy into your page. This code will start with the tag <iframe> and end with another tag </iframe>. It is convenient, to favour the accessibility, inside the first iframe tag to introduce the title we want to give it, for example: title="Location map of the General University Library". This can be seen in the code of the example, with the HTML tab.

Location man of the General University Library

Avenida Camilo José Cela s/n.

Ciudad Real 13071 (Spain)