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Pellet mill

Different compression dies can be used in this 100 kg/h pellet mill. Pellet characterization following EN standards is also available.

Biofuels boiler

Fully monitorizad 50 kW boiler, model TMC of Fröling. The exhaust gases are on-line analyzed by a MIR-IS Environnement.


Two gasification pilot plants are available, with fluidized bed and with downdraft bed technology, equipped with the following auxiliary systems:


  • Gas microcromatography
  • Tars sampling device
  • Steam generator
  • Temperature, residence time and superficial velocity control
  • Catalytic reactor for gas post-treatment

    The downdraft gasifier is placed in laboratories of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Ciudad Real.

    Laboratory of Biofuels

    Biofuels characterization are performed following the European standards.

    For solid biofuels the following equipments are available:

  • Thermogravimetric analyzer STA 409 PC/4/G Luxx, Netzsch.
  • FT-IR Spectrophotometer Nicolet 6700
  • ICP-OES Spectrophotometer Varian 700-ES
  • Elemental Analyzer Leco TruSpec
  • Methrom Ionic Chromatograph
  • Calorimetric bomb 6100 PARR
  • Mabrik Durabilimeter
  • Ovens
  • Milestone Ethos microwave digestion oven
  • Drying ovens, scales
  • Ultrapure water generator
  • Riffle, Retsch knife mills
  • Authomatic siever 450 mm diameter
  • Device for density measurement
  • Gemini V Micrometrics analyzer

    For liquid biofuels characterization the following equipments are available:

  • FID gas chromatograph Varian 3800
  • Densimeters and viscometers
  • HFFR for lubricity
  • Karl-Fisher
  • Rancimat 743 Methrom
  • Titrino 702 SM Methrom
  • Turbiscan Classic MA 2000
  • Device for cold filter obstruction point
  • HPLC cromatograph