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Lab reservation


he Faculty of Communication makes audiovisual labs available to students and PDI to carry out teaching practices, class assignments and personal projects. These labs are made up of two radio studios, a television set and several computer rooms.


Radio studios

  • Stations for 3 speakers with microphone and return for headphones (reduced from 6 to 3 stations due to the current COVID-19 crisis).
  • ISDN connection with 2 independent telephone lines to conduct interviews or to connect with other studios.
  • 1 professional sound table in the control room.
  • 1 AVID recording workstation.
  • 1 shuttle computer to send 2 independent tunes.
  • Communication with the rest of the faculty studios.


Television set

  • News bulletin set for 2 people with lapel microphone and control feedback.
  • Chroma key set.
  • Black background set with furniture for interviews.
  • 4 professional video cameras with SDI output, tally, teleprompter and communication with control.
  • 2 shuttle computers to label and send independent video outputs.
  • Multi-camera production and live control with streaming.
  • Communication with the rest of the faculty studies.


Computer rooms

  • iMac 21,5''.
  • Video, sound and image editing software based on Adobe CC.
  • 3D animation software.


Contact with lab technicians for lab reservations

Nicolae Cirja | tel. 969 179 100 ext. 4784 | nicolae.cirja@uclm.es