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Bachelor’s Degree Final Project (TFG)

Dates of convocation for TFGs – academic year 2019-20 |Download

University courts TFG July 2020 - call 4 (PART I) | Download

University courts TFG July 2020 - call 4 (PART II) | Download

University courts s TFG September 2020 - call 5 | Download

  • If you want to assist to the defence of a TFG, please send an email to the secretary of the centre (fcomunicacion.cu@uclm.es), indicating your name, surname and email. You will receive an access link to the room where the defence will take place. You must request access up to 2 days before the date of the defence.


The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project (TFG) is a compulsory 6-credit ECTS module/subject that will be carried out throughout the fourth year and will be defended once students have passed the rest of the subjects of the Degree.

The TFG implies the completion by the student of an original project under the supervision of one or more directors. This final project integrates and develops contents and training received during the degree, as well as the acquired abilities and skills.

There are two modalities of TFG:


  • A research project addressing an original and relevant topic, developed according to the appropriate scientific methodology.
  • A practical or professional project, which could be continued towards one aspect of the future graduate’s job duties, The practical project must always be accompanied by a report that includes the process of preparation and planning of the project.


The TFG must be oriented to the application of the general competences associated to the degree of Journalism, and to train for the search, management, organization and interpretation of relevant data, usually from its area of study, to make judgements that include a reflection on topics of social, scientific, technological and ethical nature, and that facilitate the development of critical, logical and creative thinking and judgement.


Other regulations related to the TFG

  • General regulation of the UCLM on Bachelor’s Degree Final Projects | Download
  • Guide of good practices for the TFG prepared by the Vice-Rector’s Office for Teaching and International Relations |Download
  • Regulation on the preparation and defence of TFGs in the Faculty of Communication at UCLM | Download

TFG Annexes

  • Annex I Election de Director - Tutor | Download
  • Annex II Request for change of Director - Tutor | Download
  • Annex III Director’s request for student’s change| Download
  • Annex IV Agreement on the direction and election of the topic for the final project | Download
  • Annex V Authorization Tutor TFG | Download
  • Annex VI Report of Tutor TFG | Download
  • Annex VII Minutes of the Final Project’s Unipersonal Tribunal| Download
  • Annex VIII Certificate of granting Honour in the Final Project | Download