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Commission for Reform of Degrees, Study plans and Transfer of Credits


The Commission for the Reform of Degrees, Study Plans and Transfer of Credits of the university, made up of the vice-chancellor´s office that has responsibilities for degrees, master´s and   academic-related affairs, or persons these duties are delegated to, a P.h.D professor for each of the branches of knowledge, appointed by the Board of Governors on the recommendation of the Board of Directors, and two student representatives, one a degree student and the other a postgraduate student, and as secretary, the Academic-Director of the vice-chancellor´s office that has responsibilities for degrees and master´s.

Members (Agreement of the Board of Governors: 21st of  February 2012)

  • Chairperson: Ms Mabel López Solera (Vice-chancellor´s office for Teaching)
  • Secretaria: Ms Caridad Pérez de los Reyes (Directora Académica del Vicerrectorado de Docencia)
  • Members:
    • Mr Juan José Lopez Cela (Vice-chancellor´s office for Teaching Staff)
    • Ms Monserrat Manzaneque Lizano (Faculty of Social Sciences. CU)
    • Mr Francisco Javier Sánchez Reyes Fernández (Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering. CR)
    • Mr José Miguel Latorre Postigo (Faculty of Medicine. AB)
    • Mr Julio Muñoz Martín (Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry. TO)
    • Ms Carmen Cañizares Ruiz (Faculty of Arts. CR)
  • 2 students:
    • Ms Clara Pina Leyva. Facultad de Ciencias de Deporte de Toledo
    • Mr Rafael Marchante Collado. Escuela de Ingenieros Industriales de Albacete.
  • To ensure the Commissions for Recognition and Transfer of Credits runs correctly when  processing recognition of credits.
  • To coordinate the Commissions for Recognition and Transfer of Credits of the centres so there is a common line of action when applying this regulation.
  • To solve in the first instance, the difficulties that may arise in the recognition process.
  • To review the appeals made against the rulings made by the Commissions for Recognition and Transfer of Credits of the centres.
  • To validate the automatic recognition tables the centres publish.
  • To inform about the recognition that may be established between Advanced Vocation Training Modules and university education, as well as possible recognition for work experience that may be contemplated in different study plans.


Commission for Quality and Educational Innovation


Created by Agreement of the Board of Governors of 7th of November of 2014. There will be ordinary meetings of the Quality and Educational Innovation Commission at least once a year and  extraordinary meeting as many times as needed to resolve urgent and/or  pressing matters. In both cases they will be called by the Chairperson who will also specify the order of the day. Whilst carrying out its duties, the commission may consult as many qualified people as it deems pertinent.


(Agreements of Board of Governors: 7th of  November 2014

Chairperson: Ms Isabel López Solera, Vice-chancellor´s office for Teaching.

Secretary: Ms Ana Sanz Redondo, Academic Director from the Vice-chancellor´s office for Teaching

  • Members:
    • Ms Susana Villaluenga de Gracia. Director of Postgraduate Studies Centre
    • Ms Ana Rivas Álvarez. Higher Technical School of Civil Engineering
    • Ms Carmen García Martínez. Albacete Faculty of  Economics and Business Studies
    • Ms Leonor Gallardo Guerrero. Toledo- Faculty of Sports Sciences
    • Ms Mercedes Ávila Francés. Cuenca Faculty of Education
    • Mr Alino José Martínez Marcos. Ciudad Real  Faculty of Medicine
  • Student:
    • Ms Esther López Jareño. Faculty of Sciences and Chemical Technologies.
  • Administrative and Services Staff:
    • Ms Julia Delgado Lázaro (Deputy Manager of Toledo campus) 

    The duties of the Commission for Quality and Educational Innovation are:

    • To propose the Board of Directors study and approve the review of the UCLM Internal Guarantee System for Quality, adjusting different procedures so that these may be optimally carried out.
    • To review and propose the methodologies for gathering information and opinions from different groups involved with degrees for subsequent analysis  by the internal guarantee for quality commissions, for the Board of Directors to study and approve these, and to carry out activities leading to the improvement in degrees.
    • To review and analyse progress of the graduation, drop out and efficiency rates and any other rates gathered in the quality system, as well as factors in reference to the ANECA ACREDITA and MONITOR programmes for UCLM  degrees.
    • To propose that the Board of Directors study and approve the contents and structure of public information about quality issues.
    • To draw up and put forward activities aimed at obtaining innovative education actions and projects which create improvements in degree results, for the Board of Directors to study and approve these.
    • To assess teaching  and evaluation methodologies which enable  learning outcomes to be ensured, as well as computing platforms which enable better administration of these methodologies.
    • To assess teaching methodologies with "on-line" content, computing support platforms, the format of teaching materials, national and international previous experience, as well as  appropriate assessment methodologies  which enable the acquisition of skills to be ensured.
    • Any other duties conferred on it by Law, the Statutes, the Chancellor or the UCLM Board of Governors.