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University extension


niversity extension  combines services and projects designed for  promoting and organizing cultural, scientific or playful  activities which contribute towards holistic development of the individual, essentially of the university community.

 The Centre for Cultural Initiatives (CIC) is included within the university extension of the University of  Castilla-La Mancha as well as the cultural passport, the José Saramango university programme for mature students and the list of awards and competitions announced by this academic institution.

Created in 2015, the main aim of the Centre for Cultural Studies  is to nurture creativity in literature, music, on the stage, in photography and, in general, for arts as a whole, applying the criteria of quality and variety to proposals.

One of the most interesting spin-offs of the Centre for Cultural Studies is the cultural passport, a document targeted at the university community for academic recognition of cultural activities created by the UCLM, which has given further advantages such as promotions and discounts for these types of activities.

Additionally, the José Saramango university for Mature Students, is a supplementary service which has deep roots in  Castilla-La Mancha society which responds to the demand for education from people over fifty years old who may enter with no requirements other than to be that age or over and have a willingness to learn.