General Secretary 

Crescencio Bravo Santos
Tfnos.: 926 295 342, 926 29 53 00. Ext.: 90025


Juan Carlos Checa García-Carmona
Coordinador de administración electrónica y seguridad de la información
Tfno.: 926 29 53 00. Ext.: 3068

Academic Management

Academic Managers:

Carlos González Morcillo
Tfno.: 926 29 53 00. Ext.: 6367

David Vallejo Fernández 
Tfno.: 926 295 300. Ext.: 6494

Francisco Eusebio Puerta Seguido
Tfno.: 926 29 53 00. Ext.: 5186


Office Head: Alicia Gómez Almagro  
Tfno.: 926 295 300. Ext. 3608

Executive: Ana Joaquina Alcobendas Coleto  
Tfno.: 926 295 300. Ext. 6383

Executive: Juan José Pliego Bravo
Tfno.: 926 295 300. Ext. 6629

Executive: Maria del Mar Molina Moya
 Tfno.: 926 295 300. Ext. 3243

Manager: Mercedes Sanroma Santos  
Tfno.: 926 295 300. Ext. 3318

Contact details:

General Secretary 

Rectorado. C/ Altagracia 50 
13071 Ciudad Real


Tfno.: +34 926 295 342 
Fax: +34 926 295 360

Crescencio Bravo Santos
General Secretary

Crescencio Bravo Santos

Born in Malagon (Ciudad Real) in 1971, he graduated in Computer Science from the University of Seville and has a doctorate in Computer Engineering from the University of Castilla-La Mancha which he joined as a professor in 1998. At present, he is associate professor at the university for Languages and Information Systems at the Ciudad Real Higher School of Computer Science.

His research has focused on groupware systems and intelligent tutor systems. He has supervised two doctoral theses in these fields, he has been the main researcher for various regional and national projects and regularly participates in national projects and research networks. Many of his articles have been published at international congresses and  have been indexed  in journals such as the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Expert Systems with Applications or Knowledge-based Systems. 

Regarding his career in university management, he has held the posts of academic manager of the Vice-chancellor´s office for Doctorates and Degrees and of the Vice-chancellor´s office for Academic-related Affairs and Lifelong learning and of the Vice-chancellor´s office for Finance and Planning.